1. Don’t be fooled by “exclusive” or “exclusively listed” on signs or in advertisements. This does not mean that only the agent or agency advertised can show you that property. All MLS listings are “exclusively listed”.

2. Be sure you understand the agency law for your state. Does the agent you are working with represent you, the seller, both the buyer and seller or no one?

3. Ask if a home warranty is available.

4. Make offers subject to your approval of a professional home inspection.

Financing Tips:    Be Prepared = Pre-Qualify.  Before making an offer talk with one or more lenders.

  • Know the loan amount for which you qualify
  • Know the amount of money that will be required to close
  • Know what you need to provide regarding job verifications, income documentation, debt information, etc…
  • Please contact me for a local lender recommendation at the beginning of your home search.

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